Highly Skilled Consultants and Trainers

Providing complementary skills and subject matter expertise to meet client's needs.

  • Jose Acevedo (OD) New World Consulting
  • Randall Alford (writer and co-collaborator) Visions and Revisions
  • Mel B. Christie (OD) MBC Associates
  • Sarah From (OD and Coaching)
  • Jeff Hull — PHD, BCC
  • Dr. Karl Krumm (OD)
  • Claire Raines (Generational Differences) Generations at Work
  • Amanda Silver (OD and Strategic Planning)
  • Dennis Stratton (OD) Stratton Consulting Group
  • Dr. Eva Young (Inclusion and Diversity) La Trenza Leadership


Emotional Intelligence

  • "I have analyzed competency models from 188 companies... and I found dramatic results... emotional intelligence proved to be twice as important as the others (technical skills and IQ) for jobs at all levels."
    ~ Daniel Goleman, Author