Client Experience


  • Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love."
    ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

What Clients Are Saying

Roxana Tynan, Executive Director
LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy)

Working with Leslie Jaffe has been proof positive for me that coaching is not a luxury, it's a necessity.  Whether dealing with immediate crises or the ongoing practice of managing stress, Leslie has been invaluable to me and to LAANE.  She guided us through our executive director transition, and has continued to coach me and provide trainings for our staff.  She has helped me be more effective, and to overcome fears that I think many of us share about not being "good enough" to be a strong leader.

Madeline Janis,Co-founder and National Policy Director
LAANE (Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy)

Leslie Jaffe has a magical touch that has helped us work our way through a huge array of challenges and opportunities. She is at once wise and witty, supportive and pushy (in the best way) and has a vast toolbox filled with strategies, ideas and methods that have helped us become a much stronger organization. Leslie Jaffe is our consultant of choice and we would highly recommend her to any nonprofit seeking to create a culture of learning, where everyone is encouraged to meet the challenges of leadership. She is truly a gift to the social justice movement in the United States.

Gwen Migita, Vice President of Sustainability & Corporate Citizenship
Caesars Entertainment

While a leader in a national civic rights organization, I was introduced to Leslie's work as a developer and instructor in a Women & Leadership program.  It was a powerful and life changing experience for me.  In the sustainability space, I regularly come across professional training but nothing around leadership development.  We often put employees and associates in positions of influencing and developing others but do not give them the tools and training to be successful.  The City of Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment approached Leslie to come up with a unique cross-cultural training program from the private and public sector to develop leaders in the sustainability field.  It was a huge success.  A regional non-profit, Green Chips, has since inherited the curriculum to host regular "Sustainability Leadership Academies" for various organizations in the area.  I have come across many leadership consultants, curriculum developers and trainers over the past 20 years and, hands down, Leslie is top notch!

Lauren Sontag — HR Partner, Private Bank

Leslie is one of the best instructors I've ever worked with. She is fearless and tireless and helps others to be fearless and tireless when they engage in their personal leadership journeys.

Stosh Cotler, CEO
Bend the Arc — A Jewish Partnership for Justice

Fourteen years ago I was hired to manage a leadership program for which Leslie was our lead consultant and trainer. Over time, I transitioned from that role to becoming our Vice President of Leadership Initiatives to Executive Vice President. Last year, I was promoted and am now our CEO.

Leslie has been my coach this entire journey and I attribute a significant amount of my success to her skill, insight and commitment to my leadership development. Leslie brings clear seeing, a full heart and an unwavering focus on results to her clients. With limited resources in a tight economy, I can say without a doubt that working with Leslie is the best investment I can imagine for my organization’s success.

Jill Wipfli, Operational Head of Human Resources
Consumer Division, Royal and Sun Alliance

Our values rollout and ongoing momentum resulting from it, have moved us toward having a single vision and an open, empowered, committed and energized workplace. This is recognized by the business leaders within the company and used as a touchstone as we craft our benefits, reward system, policies and processes to continue to support our Vision and Values and positive business results.

Sue Schooner, Co-CEO
DOTT Industries

When I was the CFO of Textron Automotive, I was very fortunate to have Leslie Jaffe as my "personal trainer/coach." Although I was successful in terms of knowledge and hard work and industry expertise, I still had a lot to learn about working with others. Leslie helped me to better understand what motivated my behavior and the behavior of others (bosses, peers, subordinates, etc.). She helped me with empathy for others, and taught me valuable skills sets for communicating more effectively with work and non-work colleagues. She also helped me to be less hard on myself, freeing me to be less hard on others. Leslie is intuitive, positive, supportive, energetic, fun, intelligent, articulate, realistic and idealistic. My personal and professional lives have both benefited from my training and support from Leslie.

Cheri Fox, Co-Chair
Jewish Funders Network

Leslie is able to break down the tasks necessary to accomplish the larger goals and skillfully move an organization through the necessary steps in order to achieve them. She draws from a wealth of resources, both interpersonal and professional, to provide the materials and the interactions that continue to be a source of learning long after the work has ended.

David Friedman, Co-Chair
Jewish Funders Network

Leslie is extraordinary. Her ability to simultaneously facilitate, plan, coach and track multiple time horizons is a blessing for the individuals and organizations that have the smarts to retain her.