Client Experience

Productive Relationships

  • "The most productive relationships are partnerships rooted in a freedom of choice vested in both parties to participate only in that which is mutually beneficial and uplifting."
    ~ The Walls Came Tumbling Down, Peter F. Drucker Foundation

Past Client Work

  • Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (nonprofit) – Coaching and Leadership Development
  • Service Employees International Union – Leadership Development
  • Chicago Community Trust – Leadership Training for Emerging Leaders with Disabilities
  • Green Chips + City of Las Vegas (a nonprofit, public and private sector partnership) – Responsible Leadership Development
  • AT&T – Vision Alignment and Customer Service Training
  • Compaq Computer – Sales Training and Customer Service
  • The CanSORT Group, University of Michigan – Leadership and Team Development
  • Desert AIDS Project (nonprofit) – Team Development
  • Donna Karan Company – Responsible Leadership Development and Strategic Envisioning
  • Duke Power Company – Vision Alignment and Management Training
  • Friends of the Earth (nonprofit, environmental) – Strategic Envisioning and Strategic Planning
  • Great Lakes Chemical Corporation – Responsible Leadership Development and Communication Skills
  • Jewish Funders Network (nonprofit) – Board, Staff and Team Development, Strategic Envisioning
  • JPMorganChase – Responsible Leadership Development, Strategic Envisioning Alignment and Roll-out
  • IBM – Post Baldridge Award Team Development
  • Merck & Company Inc. – Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Prudential Retail Distribution – Strategic Planning and Responsible Leadership Development
  • Royal Sun & Alliance Insurance – Internal Facilitation Leadership Training
  • Sandy River Health System – Strategic Envisioning Alignment and Roll-out
  • State of Michigan Unemployment Agency – Communication, Influencing and Team Development
  • Textron Corporation – Leadership Development, Strategic Envisioning and Coaching
  • Third Way (nonprofit) – Meeting Design and Facilitation